5 Abdominal Exercises You Can't Live Without

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It never fails. We are constantly searching for the quick fix to flat, sexy abs. What's the Hollywood secret? Well, we know eating clean, metabolism boosting foods, rest & recovery, and hydration have to accompany are hard core, awesome workout! Well I've got the 5 exercises you can't live without...that's if you want hot, well defined abs. What's even better, no equipment needed here! Next time you're at the gym, try these 5 exercises that you absolutely can't live without.

1. Hanging Knee Raise - Don't get scared of this one. Here's what you gotta do. You can either jump up to grip the chin up bar or use a chair whichever is easier. Grip the chin up bar with your palms facing forwards. Exhale as you raise your knees upwards towards your chest in a smooth controlled way to avoid swinging your body. Contract your abs inwards at the top of the motion and hold the position for a few seconds. Inhale as you lower your legs straight down.

2. Decline Crunch - decline sit up board and determination are the only things you need to obtain flat abs. Choose a decline bench to lie down on. Your feet should be higher than your upper body. In a controlled way, pick your shoulder blades off the bench to do a safe crunch without straining your neck. If you feel this is too easy for you, then do a full on sit up....hell if you can handle, add on some weight by holding a weighted plate to your chest.

3. Exercise Ball Crunches -the madness about the exercise ball made it to the 5 exercises you can't live without list. The crunches made through it relieve the pressure from your back and just focuses on your abdominal muscles. Make sure you sit nice and steady on that exercise ball without losing balance. Then proceed to perform your standard crunch.

4. Bicycle Crunches -its effectiveness is enough to include it in the list of 5 exercises you can't live without. It is quite tough as it caters to both the upper and lower abs. You extend your one leg and bend the other. You would reach the bent one with your opposite elbow and will do it also on the other side.

5. Squatting -you may think that this is a leg exercise but it can also work on the abdominal muscles as it helps in keeping your body safe and straight throughout the exercise; hence, it can be counted as one of the 5 exercises you can't live without for flat abs. Execute your squats by standing up with feet shoulder width part and toes and knees facing forward. Bend your knees till your hips are comfortably at its lowest position (knees over the ankles, not over the toes) and stand back up until your legs are straight. Squatting can provide resistance to your abdomen, making them work together with your legs.

What's your top abdominal exercise you sooo can't live without?!

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Sylvia Nasser is a Long Island Personal Trainer and runs many online fitness classes
She has helped many women lose weight and get toned, watch more video's of her here
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Beach Bum Booty: Sculpt And Tone A Beautiful Butt

Article By: The Fit Fem Studio

Hello FitFem'rs! You ready for another fantastic workout that takes only 5 minutes? Yea, I knew you would! And this is will have your booty screaming for mercy. I know I've written an article before about getting that perfect butt but I figured what the hell, let's talk about it again! It's just one of those topics you never get tired reading about. It's one of the most common inquiries I get from my clients, like how do I get a butt like J-Lo, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian.

 I even teach fitness classes that cater specifically to those who want a hot ass. Hollywood celebrities totally claimed their fame simply by having a toned, round, luscious butt. Sure it may have been hereditary but you can still get that same firm but by exploring some awesome booty fitness exercises that tones and firms. Getting the perfect butt can take a lot of hard work but not to worry. I'm going to share especially designed fitness routines to target your toosh. Your butt will look even better than J-Lo, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, watch out now!

Here are some fitness exercises that target your butt for a firm and round look that you can do even at home. Alright, next on your Fit Fem Flash Series: Beach Bum Booty! All you need is a chair, stairs and/or Reebok step, and a mat. Perform all of these butt exercises in this fitness routine as described below.

- Leg Stand - For less strenuous butt fitness routine, you can start with a leg stand. You will just need a chair to hold on to. Stand straight on the back of a chair with your arms stretch holding its back and start lifting you one leg straight backwards in lifting motion and hold on for several seconds before releasing. Do this 20 times on both sides with at least 3 sets.

- Squats - A basic fitness workout exercise that firms butt is a squat move. I definitely love me some squats. Start by standing up straight with your shoulders and feet wide apart, your back straight, chest open and your whole body facing forward. With your body weight placed on your feet, slowly lower your body in a seated position. Hold your position for several seconds before standing up. This is a good exercise for butt as well as core muscles. Do this 20 times on both sides with at least 3 sets.

- Step Ups - Step Ups are awesome! Honestly, it's so easy to perform and is a great workout to tone your butt. You can do this on stairs while stepping up and down. Or you can use a Reebok step with high enough risers to feel the resistance in your workout. Repeat this in 15 repetitions with 2 sets leading with the right leg, then the left.

- Reverse alternating back extensions - I love to incorporate this into my fitness routine because while you totally tone your backside, you also work on balance and even your core stability which is so important, especially since the most common injuries and weaknesses involve spinal issues. To do this you need a mat. You need to lay facing down on your belly pushing your abdominals into the ground, contracting the whole time. Squeeze your butt and lift one of your legs upward for several seconds and release. Repeat this in 15 repetitions with 2 sets on each side.

There really are so many fitness routines that target your backside but this particular one takes you only a few minutes. And you know what, we love working out in the least amount of time right?

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Sylvia Nasser is a Long Island Personal Trainer and runs many online fitness classes
She has helped many women lose weight and get toned, watch more video's of her here
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