Thursday, January 5, 2012

Diet Right Dieting Myths and Facts What You Should Know

There’s a lot of truth to some diets and there’s a lot of misinterpretations. While you should watch what you eat, there are some foods that are ok to eat that you think are not. Let me break it down for you. According to WebMD these are myths and facts about healthy dieting.

Whole grains are good for you. They are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole grains are great for the body, but processed grains are good for you as well. Processed grains are fortified with folic acid. Example of process grains are cereals and pastas.

Sugar is bad in large amounts, so make sure to remember moderation is the key. Research shows that our bodies absorb added sugars in a similar way like corn syrup and table sugar. Instead of avoiding one particular kind of sugar, watch out for sugars that are in sweets, candy and sodas.

You can put this myth to bed. There is no conclusion proof that late night meals will cause you to gain weight. Eating too many calories will make you gain weight and late night eaters tend to go for the high fat foods. Eating a meal and going right to sleep afterwards can cause indigestion and heartburn though. So, only thing you should do is to just watch what you eat.

Coffee is actually good for you. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of it a day is part of a healthy diet. Research suggests that coffee may help reduce type 2 diabetes, Parkinson disease, gallstones and even some cancers. Coffee is great, but the added creams, sugars and flavored syrups are not. They add on calories so be careful.

Our bodies need three nutritients to thrive on protein, carbohydrates and fats! We need fat, the healthy fats that are found in nuts, low- fat dairy products and seeds. They give you energy, rebuild cells and produce needed hormones. The fats you should avoid are saturated and Trans fats found in butter, high-fat dairy, red meat and processed foods.

Do you think switching to sea salt will reduce your sodium intake? Think again, it’s another myth. Gourmet salts have just about the same amount of sodium as table salt. Add herbs and spices instead. Make your dish flavorful without it. Besides most of the added salt does not come from table salt, but from the foods you eat such as canned goods, soups, cheeses, mixes and condiments.

Water is important and you should drink more. It keeps you away from the sugary beverages, but if you are just drinking more water and are not changing anything else about your diet then it really won’t do you any good when it comes to losing weight.

Another myth is that too much sugar makes the kids hyper. A research show that’s not true, it can prevent them from eating healthier meals though. It’s not the cake at birthday parties that makes them wild, it’s just the environment.

Athletes need extra protein to build strength and muscles. Not exactly most of the American diet consists of protein anyway. The real secret to boosting athletic strength and muscle is to focus on enough calories and intense training. Special powders, protein bars and shake not need to apply.

Too much sugar causes diabetes. This is just another myth, don’t worry you don’t have to lose your love of chocolate cake and sweets. What raises your risk of getting diabetes is being overweight and inactive. Cut back on the empty calories, sugary calories and get physically active. Walking or jumping rope is a good way to burn calories.

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