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Lose Weight Burn Fat Yoga Workout

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Quit Smoking It's Herbal Vaporizer

Buy Portable Herbal Vaporizer To Quit Smoking
by Cis Amrita

Today, herbal sprays are one of the most coveted machines. They can be portable herbal vaporizers, digital vaporizers, sprays against weeds or manual, but they are all great success in the world of health conscious now.

Vaporization process is the heating temperature of a substance a little less combustion or burning, so the natural essences of substances that may be out of the solid form, and produces a vapor. Vaporization are known to be a healthy alternative to smoking, because there is no actual combustion takes place, ie, there is no tar or carcinogens. Because of these advantages, herbal vaporizers are slowly become home need of people who smoke, the habit of smoking and those who wish to smoke.

Herbal vaporizers are for specific uses, like all the other devices, so you can use to work, not for the intended purposes. When steam was planned, there are problems such as safety and durability of the machine, which was placed in the middle phase of the production process. Finally, every little vaporizer is designed for the purpose, steaming, is therefore not advisable to use a portable herbal vaporizer for other things. Just like the microwave oven is designed for heating, should be placed in a dry place and should not be used for other things that are not listed in the manual.

If you plan to quit smoking, then you should look for technology that gives you the chance to quit smoking with positive effects. Very less smoker decide to stop smoking smoking, so the technique must be well planned with appropriate guidance. Besides the many techniques of natural spray is considered one of the best and safest. They managed to help smokers quit smoking naturally with the help of top rated herbal vaporizer.

Herbal vaporizer is a treatment technique that works so well that eliminates the cravings. One recent study found that smokers who participated in the 5000 meeting of herbal sprays, which are assigned to eliminate cravings. After six months the test was performed again and 97.2% of participants were not found to smoke. This success is much higher than any other method to help you quit smoking. Best portable herbal vaporizer releases the natural life, energetic and full of weeds and vaporizer herbal, and the active ingredient of resources. This is the best way to quit smoking.

The evaporator is a device that heats the material to a certain temperature, which release the active ingredient. It is usually the size of a toaster, and can be a triangle. You can burn the grass with spray, other substances such as inhalants saliva divinorum and evaporator. Most of the vast majority of patients prefer Top rated herbal vaporizers to smoke, choose the path of delivery with fewer side effects and greater efficiency. Whoever wants to smoke, but are concerned about the respiratory hazards of smoking are strongly advised to use herbal vaporizer that does not harm.

Buy the best portable vaporizer online available, which is a long time use designs and styles-fit is all ready to buy. Make your choice of one of the best herbal vaporizers from leading Vaporizers Company which provides the best and fantastic devices in your hand all the time. Carrying value of the herbal vaporizer is very fashionable and highly functional and integrated technology. Available online is the most successful companies and powerful patent on the formula with herbal and efficient service that takes your breath away.

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Buy the best portable vaporizer online available, which is a long time use designs and styles-fit is all ready to buy. Carrying value of the herbal vaporizer is very fashionable and highly functional and integrated technology.


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Heal Ovarian Cysts They Will Never Come Back!

Women of all ages can  get ovarian cysts, it usually occurs doing chidbearing years. They are not harmful depending on the person, however they can become a threat to your health. Ovarian cysts are sacs filled with fluid that develop in a woman's ovaries. Usually a woman has two ovaries one on each side of the uterus. At least one ovary produces a egg, this starts the menstrual cycle. The egg grows inside the ovary and prepares itself for fertiliztion which will result in pregnancy.

With ovarian cysts it can affect the whole process of your periods and conceiving. They can be painful, cause irregular periods and increase hormonal imbalance. Wthout treatment you can become infertile and suffer from very uncomfortable health changes. There are remedies and solutions for ovarian cysts, but most are not permanent. Signs of ovarian cysts are:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Painful sex
  • Pelvic pressure and fullness
  • Painf with urination or bowel movements
More symptoms

If you've tried everything and still haven't gotten the relief you need don't give up because there is a true and proven miracle that will cure ovarian cysts. The Ovarian Cyst Miracle is a natural and effective approach toward healing cysts. Why? It is created by a woman who suffered from this condition. It is backed by 14 years of clincal research by a medical specialist and nutritionist. After trying everything from birth control, diets, herbal vitamin regimen, heating bags, yoga and etc. She discovered the permanent cure of ovarian cysts, they will leave and never come back!

The Ovarian Cyst Miracle System is a simple 3-step holistic treatment that will vanish cysts in just a matter of weeks without reocuuring ever. It will eleiminate cycst pain and symptoms while giving you your body back. You can finally get pregnant! There are no drugs invlovled whatsoever, thousands of women have gotten rid of their cyst problem without prescription drugs because of this unique and effective ovarian relief system.

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With this cure the only thing you will lose is ovarian cyst and gain permanent improvement of your life and health.

Natural Anti-aging Lotion Make At Home

Anti Aging Lotion Recipe
by Barb Hicks

Many people are desperate whenever they see new wrinkles forming at the corners of their mouth and eyes. Wrinkles and fine lines can make a person look older. Problem is, wrinkles are part of the natural aging process. Good thing that there are ways that can help minimize wrinkles and fine lines. There are anti wrinkles cream and serum available in the market, and there are aggressive therapy and laser treatments that can be availed in doctor's clinics everywhere. Aside from those, people can choose to go green and organic by making homemade anti aging lotion recipes using all natural ingredients.

Recipe Number 1


Prepare the following: 1 tsp Aloe Vera Gel, 1 tsp Coconut Oil, 1 tsp Beeswax, 1 tsp Cocoa butter, 1/2 tsp Glycerin, 1/4 cup Distilled water, 1/8 cup Jojoba oil (cold pressed), 1/8 cup Camellia oil, 5 drops Frankincense, essential oil and 5 drops Rosewood essential oil. These ingredients are obtainable in your leading groceries and supermarkets, or you can buy it online.


First, gather all the ingredients above. You will need 1 cup microwavable glass container and add in the cocoa butter. Dissolve in microwave for 20 seconds (continue at 10 second intervals until cocoa butter is melted). Mix in the jojoba oil, camellia oil, beeswax and coconut oil. Set aside to cool. Get a separate bowl, mix together aloe Vera, glycerine and water. As you whisk, gradually add the oil mixture into the water mixture. Once the two are mixed, add the frankincense and rosewood essential oils. Find a clean container like an 8 ounce pump container or an old lotion container, pour in the mixture. Now you can use your homemade anti aging lotion. This recipe is adapted from spa from scratch website.

Recipe Number 2


Prepare the following ingredients: 25-30 fresh field poppy petals, 15-20 fresh nasturtium petals, 5-8 fresh calendula flower heads and 2 cups/500ml of boiling water.

Again, these ingredients are sold in groceries and supermarkets or through online shops.


This recipe is easy. All you need to do is to drop all the flower petals and heads into the boiling water and allow to immerse for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, strain the mixture to remove the flower debris. Pour into your desired container preferably dark glass bottles. This basic formula is adapted from Zsuzsy Bee's recipe.

Easy Ways To Prevent Wrinkles

Aside from applying anti aging lotions, there are several ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that you can do at home. One is to stay away from cigarettes. Smoking is one of the leading causes of not just wrinkles but also lung cancer. If you want to look good, avoid smoking. According to studies, cigarette smoking increases the production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen.

Two is to hydrate It is basic to stay hydrated both inside and out. Drinking water substantially can help moisturize the skin on a cellular level and it helps improves flexibility. Also, water can help flush out toxins in the body. Reduce appearance of wrinkles by keeping a bottle of water handy.

Three is to moisturize. You can use the recipe above to guarantee that your skin is hydrated all the time. You can also apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Above are excellent anti aging lotion recipes that can help keep your skin hydrated and moisturize. Check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients before using the recipe. You can share these to your family and friends or better yet make a couple of bottles and give them as presents.

More Information:

Wrinkles on forehead cures. Find out how to make homemade anti aging lotion today. Go to the site now!


Symptoms Of Cystitis and How to Treat It

Cystitis Treatment
by Gareth Hoyle

Cystitis is one of those annoying infections that seem to keep coming back time after time. In fact, it is often so common in the women that have it that they can often recognise the symptoms and diagnose themselves.

In order to try and prevent cystitis many women try and include cranberry juice in their daily diet. This is said to help both the prevention and treatment of this uncomfortable infection.

Technically speaking cystitis is an infection in the bladder however is often used to describe any infections in the urinary tract.

Symptoms of cystitis tend to vary however generally make you very uncomfortable and can make going to the toilet very painful, including an almost burning sensation.

Cystitis treatment is generally a set of antibiotics. As with any type of medication it can take a few days to feel any relief from the symptoms, however once the medication kicks in you should find that you are cured quite quickly.

As said before though, it is an infection that is likely to come back time and time again. That is why it is often sensible to have a set of cystitis treatment antibiotics on hand, so you can take them when you need them. Sometimes when you ring up for a doctor̢۪s appointment you have to wait days until you are able to get in and see someone. This just means that you are delaying treatment and having to suffer with the pain for longer than is necessary.

If you see a doctor or go online to order these in advance then you can have them in your medicine cupboard ready to take them when you need them. Of course if you do order them online then you must make sure you are getting them from a reputable company.

Once you have them you can feel rest assured that if this infection does come back you decent cystitis treatment on hand. This means that you should feel relief from the symptoms straight away rather than delaying it by having to wait until you can get an appointment to see your doctor.

If you are a woman who has previously been diagnosed with Cystitis and would recognise the symptoms, The Online Clinic can prescribe an antibiotic for Cystitis Treatment so that you have it available when you need


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Frustrated With Making Money Online

A job keeps you going, I mean you have to be up at a certain time, struggle through traffic, deal with a fastidious boss and come home tired and preparing for the next day. One thing about having job is that it is stable and the paychecks though may not be big, but at least it is guaranteed. After a while some become dull and bored of their job and want some independence. Working from home is very convenient, however it is not so easy. It it was then everyone would be doing it.

With the economy still a mess more and more people are looking for ways to work from home to save gas,  avoid traffic and spend time with loved ones. Working at home is not for every individual. With people losing their jobs they search to find ways to earn money on the internet. Home businesses are great opportunities to increase finances and affiliate programs are good to, but it all depends on which company you choose to get involved with. Whether the work you do at home is legitimated or not it takes time to achieve financial success.

Training, support and business tools are exactly what you need to get started. They can teach you all about patience when it comes to building your business, however they never tell you how frustrating and annoying it can be climbing the ladder of financial freedom. Affiliate programs such as Sell Health, Market Health and TMIWireless are all legitimated and free to join. The process of getting started takes the will to learn and most of all patience. It's not quick money believe me, there's no such thing and if  it is it's illegal.

Work at home opportunities requires more time and money in order to make it work than with a regular 9 to 5. Once you get the ball going and the cash begins to roll in then you can dedicate less time with your home job. Making money on the internet is not everyone's cup of tea or coffee. It can take a person years before they are successful because success does not happen overnight, unless you've played the lottery and won a couple of millions. Right now, most invest their money into the lottery game hoping to be the lucky winner of striking it rich.

There are thousands of ways to earn cash while at home, you just have to find the best one for you. You can invest in a home income opportunity or join some of the most popular affiliate programs promoting promoting products such as this one:

 Which one of the hottest health supplements on the market. People are always looking for ways to improve their overall health because they want to live longer and look better. If you want to make it and are tired of trying to make cash from home then maybe it's time to take another route.

If being independent and earning your own income is what you want, patience is the key. Don't give up, it takes hard work. Do it, make it work and you will achieve.

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Make Ovarian Cyst Go Away Get Relief From Cyst Pain

Ovarian Cyst Causes And Treatment For Ovarian Cyst Pain


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Author: Anjali Raj Sharma
Ovarian cyst pelvic pain isn't always an easy thing to deal with. Once you've been diagnosed with a cyst you may feel that the only approach to ease the pain is medication. This does offer some relief but you likely don't want to continually take medications that can have disruptive side effects. There are some natural ways to relieve the pain that are safe and effective.

Heat is something we often turn to if we want to ward off menstrual cramps or the pain associated with a kidney or bladder infection. You can also try this home remedy to help with ovarian cyst pelvic pain. The heat itself can come from a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Many women also find that a warm bath is incredibly soothing and relaxing too. In order to get the best results you should direct the pain towards your back. It's also a good idea to place a towel between your skin and the heat source so there's no redness.

Herbal teas are another way to quiet down ovarian cyst pelvic pain. Chamomile, raspberry and mint teas are all good choices. You don't have to save this type of warm drink for right before bedtime though. Try drinking herbal teas instead of coffee as caffeine may be a stimulant that actually intensifies the pain. Once you start drinking herbal teas your taste buds will adapt quite quickly.

Drinking water throughout the day can also help alleviate ovarian cyst pelvic pain. If you tire of plain water quickly add a bit of lemon or lime juice to it and a mint leaf. You'll need to empty your bladder more regularly when you're drinking this much fluid, so be mindful of that. Delaying a trip to the washroom when you feel the need to go can actually cause more discomfort in your pelvis and you really want to avoid that.


Dealing with the pain, discomfort and uncertainty of an ovarian cyst is difficult. You can treat an ovarian cyst naturally at home. If you're hesitant to take medications or undergo surgery to cure the cyst, take the natural approach instead.

Ovarian cysts pain can be overwhelming at times. If it's making it difficult for you to function and you are tired of waiting for it to cure itself, take the natural approach now. You don't have to live like this any longer.
Relieving pressure on the lower abdomen is a good way to ease the pain of cysts. This could mean wearing a looser pair of pants, drinking more water, or even just taking a few minutes to relax and sit down. Stress is one of the worst things for the body, and combining stress with ovarian cysts is a nightmare.

Sitting down with a hot cup of herbal tea and using a heating pad on the pelvic area is sure to bring comfort and is one of the simpler ovarian cyst home treatments all women can try.
Article Source:

About Author:
Read more on Irregular Menstruation Treatment and Menstrual pain Cure and also visit on Herbal Supplements

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Clear Pores Gave Me My Skin Back Acne Gone!

I'm at the stage when menopause is kicking in even though I'm only 36. When I get the signs of it such as hot flashes, hormonal imbalance my skin suffers. I get acne on my chin, upper lip and cheeks and it is so annoying and embarrassing. I keep my face clean, I wash it twice a day and add moisturizer to it. I even use a facial mask once a week. My skin was acne prone and I did not enjoy it at all.

When my hormones are not right it does not matter what I use acne breakouts still occur. I'm too old to get acne, at least that's what I was thinking. But when your body is not functioning as it should, then things tend to go unexpected. I love my age, being 36 years old is beautiful. I'm enjoying my middle age it's the time when you feel more mature, confident and resilient towards life's up and down moments.

Acne is the last thing I ever wanted to worry about. It's fine when it's a few bumps here or there,but when they just keep on coming and you cannot control it, it gets very frustrating. Stress, poor eating habits, oily skin and etc can lead to skin breakouts. I'm always stress and menopause is weighing on my back. I have mood swings left to right and sometimes it can be unbearable.

I got so tired of looking in the mirror and seeing pimples all over my face. It's hard not to get stressed out when your skin is just not right. I hate how it felt, how it looked, I just hated it. I almost forgot what I used to look like before I started having the acne face. I decided to end it, enough was enough! I tried out this product called Clear Pores, from what I was reading it has a pretty good reputation of giving people back their clear skin.

I ordered it and tried it for about a week. I'm not the type of person to easily believe that everything works, I have to see it and try it to believe it. Within a week I started seeing results. It shocked me because it was working so quickly. I love this acne product! It works so well with my skin, I'd fallen in love. Maybe I should have shared this with you guys before, better now than never, right?


Clear Pores not only kills bacteria on the surface, it digs down deep to penetrate the ugly bacteria that grows in the inside of your facial skin. It also has a body wash for your whole body to, so it's great for those who also suffer from back acne and wherever acne may occur on your body. It doesn't dry your skin, it moisturizes and gives you clean and refreshing glow.

My skin is back and I have not makeup on

Here's my picture, it is a bit blurry but you can still see how clear my skin is. My acne is gone and I'm loving it. I have been using the clear pores acne solution for about 6 months and I have not had any pimples on my face since then. You guys should try it, I did and I will never go without. My only regret is getting hold of it sooner.

If you want refresh, clean and clear skin, if you want your skin back you should consider adding this acne solution to your beauty regimen. Just try it! I'm living proof it works. You can go to the Clear Pores website and read more about this incredible skincare item that without a doubt gets rid of annoying acne.

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You Need To Know The Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

The most common type of ovarian cancer is called Ovarian Epithelial Cancer it begins in the surface of the ovary. Women should know sign of ovarian cancer because according to the National Cancer Institute cases of this type of cancer is growing.

The Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are:

  • back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Frequent urges to urinate
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • vaginal bleeding
  • loss of appetite
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • feeling full too quickly
According to Women's Health on women over the age of 50 are at higher risk. Also genetics and family history of ovarian cancer puts you at risk.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Unbelievable! Mom Drives Off With Baby On Roof of Car

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Ups and Downs Of Weight Loss Dieting Sucks!

Let's face it losing weight is easy, skip a meal or two and you take in less calories. Eat healthy for a couple of days and lose weight. The big problem for me when it comes to losing the weight is changing my eating habits. I love eating healthy, but my sweet tooth won't back down so easily. You see,I know what my problem is when it comes to gaining weight. I'm a snacker. If you know what's the cause of your extra body weight that's good, then you can decrease your habit and eventually get rid of it.

I've struggled with weight loss all my life and it has been an annoying roller coaster. I'd leave out all of the cookies, chocolate brownies and chips and substitute it for fruits and veggies. Instead of piling carbs on my plate such as mashed potatoes, spaghetti, macaroni and etc. I'd replaced those side-dishes with more veggies and whole grains. Of course it was hard, it was a struggle, however I stayed committed.

Me and My Two Girls

Eventually my taste buds for the evil carbs kicked in, and yes I did give in at times. I worked out three times a week and was still losing pounds. I figure, hey you don't have to completely give up the foods you love to become a dress size or more smaller. You just have to be smart and cautious about eating healthy. What do you think? I totally hate diets! I am fine living with no dieting, it is less stressful.

Losing weight is different for me, I don't think of the Jenny Craig ads, or Weight Watchers commercials. I think about working out hard and focusing on portion control. I know that many have great weight loss stories with weight management programs, however when you go at it on your own you save money and learn what your body needs and the feeling of doing all by yourself is exhilarating. Others may need help and that's good, but I prefer to stick it out on my own.

What Do You Guys Think About Diets? 

I have lost weight and have gained it back over and over. Lately I've been doing pretty well. I eat my share of veggies and fruits, still I enjoy my favorites such as fried chicken, French Fries and chocolate chip cookies. Do you really have to eat healthy in order to lose fat, to drop pounds? Well, I guess it depends on the person because I'm still losing weight.

The influence of diets can be quite overwhelming, you have to find your own ground. In order for diets to work I think a person has to be comfortable with it.

Tell Me What Weight Loss Plan Has Worked For You?

My method to losing pounds is portion control and working out.

You can win a $50 Wal-mart If your story is the best

6/01/12 thru 9/10/12


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Smoking Laws Should Be More Strict

New York was the first state to enforce the nonsmoking law in public places.

Eleven other states followed and made smoking in public against the law. Efforts to ban

 smoking developed in the 1990s. John F. Banzhaf, an attorney who teaches public

 interest law at George Washington Law School, says that smoking bans are widely seen

 as a way to safeguard the health on nonsmokers. The American public has changed its

attitude toward smoking; thirty-nine percent of the public now live in states with anti-

smoking laws. Anti-smoking laws are not made to force those who smoke to stop, but to

reduce some of the pollution on earth. It is not only against the law in some states to

smoke in public places, such as indoor restaurants, and bars; it is not allowed on

domestic U.S. flights either.

     In the 1990s researched revealed that secondhand smoke not only was annoying to

nonsmokers, but actually causative to their deaths of lung cancer. Secondhand smoke is

 toxic for nonsmokers. It can kill and affect the public’s health. According to Richard

Carmona, a physician, Surgeon General of the United States from 2002 to 2006,

 exposure to this particular kind of smoke is a very staid threat towards the peoples’

health. Secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, affect your heart, respiratory system

and cause premature aging. Evidence has concluded that secondhand smoke is a known

human carcinogen and exposure to it causes opposing effects on the body.

     Hearts can be damaged if exposed for a short period of time, which can lead to

 cardiovascular disease. Nonsmokers have a 50 percent risk of developing this disease

than active smokers. More of people’s attitudes have changed since the bans. Social

moms supported the anti-smoking law, which lead to a widespread of supporters over

the past 30 years. Smoking should be banned in homes everywhere because children

 are being exposed. Nevertheless, it would be impossible to enter into someone’s home

and make it a law to tell them what to do in their own home.

     In January, the year of 2006 the California Air Resources Board declared outdoor

 tobacco smoke as a toxic air contaminant. The city of Calabasas, California passed an

 ordinance that bans smoking almost everywhere outdoors. Smoking bans send a huge

message, converting those who smoke to think about quitting and influences young

teens to steer away. Banzhaf said that within the next few years the majority of the U.S.

 “will be smoke-free indoors, “, with one or two states that may ban outdoor smoking

 completely. Popular influence and pressure on local cities and state government to

enforce smoking bans are a major factor towards achieving the goal of a smoke free

 society. The bans make it very inconvenient for the smoker; on the other hand it

 reminds them to be respectful and to think about the health of others.

     A growing number of communities, countries, and states are requiring a smoke free

environment for all public places, including all private worksites, restaurants, bars and

 even casinos. These are just a few of the states that ban smoking, Michigan, Idaho,

North and South Dakota, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, New Jersey,

Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Hawaii, Utah and many others. States with bans are

 known as the green states for their fight to make the environment smoke free and to

protect our health. Cigarette smoking has numerous effects on a smoker and

nonsmoker. Secondhand smoke not only affects your heart and lungs, it affects your

 whole body. The carbon monoxide that resides in the tobacco smoke has been

 associated with hardening of the arteries, which can cause a blood clot to the brain and

lead to a stroke.

     Smoking or being exposed to cigarette smoke increases your chances of cancer, heart

attack, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, yellowing of the teeth, premature aging,

 difficult sleeping, sore throat, higher fractures of bones, bad breath, and causes you to

 have smelly hair and skin. All states should ban smoking in public places because it is

very harmful to those who are involuntary expose to it.  The chemicals in cigarettes

 contaminate the air and our bodies. The laws of smoking are not strict enough to

 improve our society for me. Sure, there are many other things that put people in

danger that causes them to get sick. A person who is an alcoholic may sometimes drink

 in front of you, but there’s no danger of being exposed to the alcohol, they are harming

themselves. However, a person who smokes inhales and blows out harmful toxins that

can harm tons of people. Hopefully smoking bans will eventually mark every single state

to protect nonsmokers and heavily invade the minds of smokers to slow down or at

least quit.

Stop Smoking Now! If Not For You Then For Your Family

 Cited Sources:  Carmona, Richard. "Secondhand Smoke Is a Serious Problem." Tobacco and Smoking. Ed. Karen F. Balkin. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2004

Kaufman, Stephen. "Most Americans Believe Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places." Tobacco and Smoking. Ed. Karen F. Balkin. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2004

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The Alarming Cigarettes Commericals

Smoking doesn't run in my family, but my mom and brothers smoke. I knew that smoking cigarettes would harm your health and I didn't understand why my siblings and mother smoked. Now what they called them is "cancer sticks." After a while cigarettes causes cancer and affect your respiratory system. I already was clear on the consequences of them, however I never knew it went beyond what I had known.

I was sitting home and an commerical came on about this woman who had lost the tips of her fingers on one hand and a man who had his legs amputated below his knees. I was in shock when I found out that the reason for these unfortunate diabilities was because of the side effects of smoking. It blew me away of course because I did not know that you would be at risk of losing your body parts because of it.

There was another commerical I seen that was just jaw dropping. This commerical was about a lady who was standing in the mirror and she had no hair. She looked sick and warned out. As she was in mirror she put on a wig and when you look at her, you could see that she had an hole in her throat. In order for her to talk she had to put some type of capitor in her throat. My guess, is that she was sick from throat cancer.

Looking at these commericals can be a bit harsh for some, but it clearly states the reality of smoking. It scared me. I couldn't beleived, it affected me a lot and I know it had to touch all of the tabacco smokers out there in the world. If these main points about the side effects of smoking don't make you want to quit, then I don't know what will. It is very scary.

Tabbacco kills! I cannot stand it and after seeing the cigarette advertisments I despise it even more. I think that these commericals are very important reality check.

Check out this Video!

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Scar Reducer Gain Back Your Beautiful Skin


Review of Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy

People have scars. But it's the physical kind that they try to hide with make up and clothing.
To address this, there are scar reduction options, ranging from derma-brasion and laser surgery to steroids and filler injections that can flatten scars and make them less prominent.

Recently, the Skinception line of skin-care products has ventured into the market with a new product that capitalizes on their obviously considerable knowledge of natural active ingredients and patented peptides. Case in point, their anti-wrinkle cream, eye cream, anti-stretch mark cream and rosacea treatment.
Now Skinception offers Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy to reduce or prevent scars and, as they claim, "fade scars like magic". But does it deliver?

The Ingredients

Dermefface employs natural active ingredients and moisturizers with patented peptides like their well-known Pro-Coll-One+. In that sense, you can consider Dermefface FX7 as a hybrid of natural skin care and modern skin technology.

Of the more prominent natural ingredients, in Dermefface FX7 you'll encounter beta-glucan, bilberry and various fruit extracts. There's also hydrolyzed soybean fiber and very notably, a biologically active form of vitamin B3 and darling of the natural skin brightening industry, niacinamide.

The beta glucan is an obvious choice because of its long history as an anti-irritant. But it's also an effective moisturizer and proven to stimulate natural production of collagen. Beta glucan also promotes health of macrophages – the cells that destroy bacteria and remove dead or damaged skin cells.

Getting back to that Pro-Coll-One+, we shouldn't forget that it's clinically proven to stimulate collagen by up to 1,190%. Combine that with the Symglucan, Pentavitin and several other active ingredients and Dermefface FX7 has the goods to stimulate healthy human collagen fibroblasts, slough off dead skin cells and encourage normal, healthier skin cells to take their place.


A good set of ingredients is one thing, but it's all for naught if they don't work together and do what the manufacturer says it will do. Fortunately, Dermefface FX7 comes with the Skinception name attached to its label, and as with most things Skinception, Dermefface delivers, in that it fades scars, according to the clients we've spoken with. And yes, it appears to work in as little as four weeks.

Dermefface FX7 markets itself as a treatment for both developing scars and those existing. Many clients using Dermefface use it for both of these reasons, and they've seen their scarring fade, though it tends to work better for a scar that's still forming. It appears to work for existing scars as well, however, with visible reduction where people want it most. The clients who've talked with us say they're happy with the product - a non-greasy cream with a luxurious feel when applied to the skin.


The Skinception name offers plenty of value. As a general rule of thumb, the greatest savings with any Skinception product tend to be had with orders of three months or higher, often with gifts or extra product added as incentive to go long-term.

We think that's wise, because skin problems like stretch marks and scarring aren't fixed overnight. Skinception products show noticeable results in a reasonable amount of time, but the most dramatic improvements can take up to six months.

Skinception offers a one month supply of Dermefface at $59.95. Not exactly a bargain, but when you consider the luxurious formulation of Skinception products, which most clients rave about, seems a reasonable purchase. This includes both a loofah and a microderm exfoliator.

As with most Skinception products, the best value is for a longer term commitment. The Gold Package is a three month supply of Dermefface, the two exfoliators and a $25 gift card to Natural Health Source. The cost? $129.95

For the most value with Dermefface, go for the Platinum Package, which is a six month supply, two microderm exfoliators and the loofah, the Natural Health Source gift card and a savings of $160 off a one month supply. The cost of the Platimum Package, at $199.95, is a very respectable value, and we think, should be viewed as an investment to visibly fade scarring with a proven product.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Want Younger Eyes? Find Out Which Eye Cream Does The Job

The first sign of aging usually occurs around the eyes. Eyes tell it all and there’s no way around it. Wrinkles are just one sign and there are plenty more. Looking younger requires great care with your skin. Looking old is not popular, but looking youthful is. There are many great skincare products out there on the market and it can be hard to choose which is best for your needs.

Choosing the right anti-aging cream is very important. If you are tired of looking old, tired of wrinkles, dark circles, crow’s feet and etc. Here are two effective and popular eye creams that will have those around you guessing your age. I don’t like looking my age and when someone actually thinks I’m 10 or 5 years younger it makes me feel really good. It also lets me know that I’m doing exactly what I should to look my best.

Let’s start with Skinception’s Eye Therapy Cream. This eye product is the next best thing to Botox. It has been clinically proven to work. The age defying formula battles the most common signs of eye aging, such as laugh lines, crow’s feet, expression lines, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
Skinception’s Eye Cream increases the density around the eyes producing collagen, which makes the skin firmer and stronger underneath and around the eye area. And moisture is important towards maintaining healthy skin. This product contains an ingredient that hydrates the skin all day for lasting protection and effectiveness.

The Pros
·         Contains a series of ingredients to produces fast and noticeable results
·         Improves thin skin around the eyes for a vibrant and younger look
·         Proven to reduce puffiness in 95% of test subjects
·         Dramatically decreases all signs of ageing
·         Changes the texture of the skin creating a smoother look
·         Increases collagen by 1,190% for stronger skin that will fight and decrease signs of ageing.
·         Promotes healthy blood circulation under the eyes which causes dark circles
·         Increases elasticity of the skin to prevent and reduce sagging
·         Only contains ingredients that target and fight eye aging.
·         Works from the inside out for natural and more powerful results
·         Money back guarantee agreement
The cons
The product might be a little pricey for some. It will cost you about $60; however, you save good money when you order their packages. You can choose which is best for you at their Skinception product website.

Dermology Eye Cream promises you beautiful skin. It is an all-natural skincare item that reduces the appearance of aging around the eyes. The product contains moisturizers that will stick to the skin for more hydration and a healthier look. It is soft and easy to apply. Their ingredients penetrate through each layer of the skin to target harmful cells that causes aging of the skin. They claim it’s the only eye cream you will ever need.

The Pros
·         Reduces eye bags
·         Decreases wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness
·         Hydrates skin to improve flexibility
·         Increases pigmentation of skin
·         Contains a chamomile ingredient that calms irritation and soothes
·         Contains vitamin B to lock in moisture
·         Reduces blood clots underneath eyes that causes dark circles
·         Wholesale program available
·         Cheaper than Skinception $49.95
·         90-day return policy
The cons
This product has herbal ingredients that might have to be researched for your safety. You can go to the Dermology website to read more about them.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Salad

Sometimes I don't eat right like I should. It's especially been hard since I've started school. Most times I don't eat breakfast, I eat lunch and sometimes skip dinner. When I do eat dinner lately it's been an salad and I usally don't eat them like that. I have been craving them for a couple of days now. I eat veggies, but don't consume salads to often.

I know that I eat them because I am watching my weight. Also I'm still losing weight too, I want to look good before the summer is here. My favorite salad is chicken and my dressing of choice is fat-free French dressing. It is so delicious! I am interesting in trying out new salads.

If anyone knows of any good salads that I might be interested in, please let me know. I appreciate all responses.

Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Vital Pointers to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair
5 Vital Pointers to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair
By Janet Martin

A few decades ago, people who dyed their hair were probably doing so to cover their graying strands. But today, a lot of individuals are coloring their hair to enhance their looks and make them more beautiful. In fact, some people even wear dyes that were previously considered outrageous, such as green, pink and orange colors, to stand out from the crowd and to express their individuality.

Whatever your reason for coloring your hair, you ought to read the following pointers in order to help you succeed in dyeing your hair flawlessly.

1. Be Sure To Choose A Dye That Contains Conditioner

Although the ingredients of most hair dyes are relatively safe for your skin, you really cannot be sure if they would not harm your hair. Thus, your first line of defense against hair damage as a result of hair dyeing is to find one that has conditioning properties. If you use such a product, you will be assured that your hair would be protected.

2. Don't Forget To Do The Patch Test

Hair dyes might have ingredients or components that may cause allergies in some people. Although the common symptoms of allergy from hair dyes are redness, itchiness and inflammation, there are rare cases when allergic reactions are more serious like, for instance, hair loss. If you do not want to suffer from untoward and annoying allergy-related problems, you better do a patch test, preferably in an area at the back of your ear or on your neck at least a day or two before you dye your hair.

3. Be Careful With Choosing The Hair Color

If you are not an adventurous type of person and you just want to change your looks a little, it would be best to choose a color that is about 2 hues lighter or darker than your present hair color. If you want to cover your graying hair, however, you might want to look at the color guide at the back of most hair dye products to see what shades will give you the most natural and appropriate coverage.

4. Don't Condition Your Hair Before Dyeing

It is utterly important that you wash your hair before you put on a hair dye so that oils and dirt will not affect the absorption and outcome of your hair dye. But remember to skip the conditioner just before you color your hair because there are components in conditioners that might prevent the hair from absorbing the hair color. However, if you already have damaged hair, it is alright to condition your hair at least 24 hours before you apply the hair dye.

5. Use Protective Gear Always

Hair-coloring kits usually include protective implements like hand gloves. They are included for a reason, so you must use them. It is also advisable that you protect your hairline, neck and other parts of the body that might be exposed when you are applying your dye. Remember that these products might be hard to remove from your skin a few hours or days after you finished the application.

Follow the pointers above and you will surely find that applying hair color can be such a breeze. By the way, if the reason why you are dying your hair is to look young, you may also want to do something about your wrinkles. A product that can help you maintain smooth and younger-looking skin is Dermaxin.

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