About Lorna

I love health in every way except for blood. I love to share informative health topics based on weight loss, skin care, nutrition and more. I update my blog weekly and welcome any comments you may have. Right now I'm struggling three beautiful children and my husband of 14 years. I live in Illinois and have been there all my life.

I have knowledge in nutrition and I'm enrolled in school for Information Technology. In my spare time I write poems and love to enter poetry contests. I adore writing, I'm working on increasing my skills in this particular area. Someday I hope to own my own business. I love jokes and especially love dancing.

Last year I published an article in the OTC Magazine about hair care. Hopefully later on down the line I will publish another article in one of my favorite health magazines Fitness. Of course I'm working on having that fit and beautiful body and by the Summer of 2012 I will have it.

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