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Make Ovarian Cyst Go Away Get Relief From Cyst Pain

Ovarian Cyst Causes And Treatment For Ovarian Cyst Pain


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Author: Anjali Raj Sharma
Ovarian cyst pelvic pain isn't always an easy thing to deal with. Once you've been diagnosed with a cyst you may feel that the only approach to ease the pain is medication. This does offer some relief but you likely don't want to continually take medications that can have disruptive side effects. There are some natural ways to relieve the pain that are safe and effective.

Heat is something we often turn to if we want to ward off menstrual cramps or the pain associated with a kidney or bladder infection. You can also try this home remedy to help with ovarian cyst pelvic pain. The heat itself can come from a hot water bottle or a heating pad. Many women also find that a warm bath is incredibly soothing and relaxing too. In order to get the best results you should direct the pain towards your back. It's also a good idea to place a towel between your skin and the heat source so there's no redness.

Herbal teas are another way to quiet down ovarian cyst pelvic pain. Chamomile, raspberry and mint teas are all good choices. You don't have to save this type of warm drink for right before bedtime though. Try drinking herbal teas instead of coffee as caffeine may be a stimulant that actually intensifies the pain. Once you start drinking herbal teas your taste buds will adapt quite quickly.

Drinking water throughout the day can also help alleviate ovarian cyst pelvic pain. If you tire of plain water quickly add a bit of lemon or lime juice to it and a mint leaf. You'll need to empty your bladder more regularly when you're drinking this much fluid, so be mindful of that. Delaying a trip to the washroom when you feel the need to go can actually cause more discomfort in your pelvis and you really want to avoid that.


Dealing with the pain, discomfort and uncertainty of an ovarian cyst is difficult. You can treat an ovarian cyst naturally at home. If you're hesitant to take medications or undergo surgery to cure the cyst, take the natural approach instead.

Ovarian cysts pain can be overwhelming at times. If it's making it difficult for you to function and you are tired of waiting for it to cure itself, take the natural approach now. You don't have to live like this any longer.
Relieving pressure on the lower abdomen is a good way to ease the pain of cysts. This could mean wearing a looser pair of pants, drinking more water, or even just taking a few minutes to relax and sit down. Stress is one of the worst things for the body, and combining stress with ovarian cysts is a nightmare.

Sitting down with a hot cup of herbal tea and using a heating pad on the pelvic area is sure to bring comfort and is one of the simpler ovarian cyst home treatments all women can try.
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