Friday, January 6, 2012

Lose The Turkey Neck Effective Skin Care Solutions For Your Beauty

The muscle located in the front of the neck can become loose and swollen with age. According to the “Atlas of Aesthetic Face & Neck Surgery” by Gregory S. LaTrenta this condition, along with weight gain, the skin under the neck results in a jowly look, often referred to as “turkey neck.” There are treatments out there for turkey neck, but determining which is best depends on the severity of the deformity.

With age unfortunately skin begins to sag all over. One thing besides moisturization, will help keep skin from losing too much of its balance… is physical activity. If your turkey neck is slight and in the early stages, your dermatologist and aesthetician can decide which cream is best for your needs. A smart skin care regimen is another method of keeping the skin firm says, A More Beautiful You: Reverse Aging through Skin Care, Plastic Surgery, and Lifestyle Solutions by Robert M. Freund.

A good skin care regimen will not stop the aging process, but will maintain a healthy appearance and the elasticity of the skin. When cleaning your face make sure to wash your neck as well. In addition, along with your face, wash, exfoliate and moisturize your neck to reduce loosening and aging of the skin. Make sure to use a sunscreen on your face for protection when outdoors. The condition may progress beyond to the point that the creams are no longer effective.

LED Therapy
LED light therapy may be may a better option for those with advanced turkey neck conditions. It’s a gentler process and is an alternative to invasive surgery and harsh chemical treatments according to “Understanding Cosmetic Laser Surgery” by Robert Langdon, M.D. The therapy uses different colored lights that, concentrate on the damaged skin, and repairs it at cellular level to restore tone and elasticity. This treatment works to renew the natural production of collagen and elastic, the substances that makes the skin firm, tight and bouncy.

Invasive Surgery
For more extensive weakening of the neck muscle meaning severe turkey neck, invasive surgery may be the only procedure to get better results. If the skin is cause by weight gain, and it is youthful and springy, it can be eliminated by liposuction, during which the fat will be sucked out of the neck tissues. A neck lift is recommended if aging is the cause. With a neck lift, if there is excess skin, it will be removed for a more attractive look. It can take up to two weeks to heal from this type of procedure.

Whatever the case may be, it is best to seek a professional for help and advice. Topical creams are great if you are in early stages. When searching for a neck cream make sure to do research for a better outcome. And remember, a good skin care routine should be consistence for healthy skin. Facial masks are effective too, at reducing double chins.

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