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Ups and Downs Of Weight Loss Dieting Sucks!

Let's face it losing weight is easy, skip a meal or two and you take in less calories. Eat healthy for a couple of days and lose weight. The big problem for me when it comes to losing the weight is changing my eating habits. I love eating healthy, but my sweet tooth won't back down so easily. You see,I know what my problem is when it comes to gaining weight. I'm a snacker. If you know what's the cause of your extra body weight that's good, then you can decrease your habit and eventually get rid of it.

I've struggled with weight loss all my life and it has been an annoying roller coaster. I'd leave out all of the cookies, chocolate brownies and chips and substitute it for fruits and veggies. Instead of piling carbs on my plate such as mashed potatoes, spaghetti, macaroni and etc. I'd replaced those side-dishes with more veggies and whole grains. Of course it was hard, it was a struggle, however I stayed committed.

Me and My Two Girls

Eventually my taste buds for the evil carbs kicked in, and yes I did give in at times. I worked out three times a week and was still losing pounds. I figure, hey you don't have to completely give up the foods you love to become a dress size or more smaller. You just have to be smart and cautious about eating healthy. What do you think? I totally hate diets! I am fine living with no dieting, it is less stressful.

Losing weight is different for me, I don't think of the Jenny Craig ads, or Weight Watchers commercials. I think about working out hard and focusing on portion control. I know that many have great weight loss stories with weight management programs, however when you go at it on your own you save money and learn what your body needs and the feeling of doing all by yourself is exhilarating. Others may need help and that's good, but I prefer to stick it out on my own.

What Do You Guys Think About Diets? 

I have lost weight and have gained it back over and over. Lately I've been doing pretty well. I eat my share of veggies and fruits, still I enjoy my favorites such as fried chicken, French Fries and chocolate chip cookies. Do you really have to eat healthy in order to lose fat, to drop pounds? Well, I guess it depends on the person because I'm still losing weight.

The influence of diets can be quite overwhelming, you have to find your own ground. In order for diets to work I think a person has to be comfortable with it.

Tell Me What Weight Loss Plan Has Worked For You?

My method to losing pounds is portion control and working out.

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