Friday, January 6, 2012

Sex Is a Beautiful Thing for You and Your Skin

Sex is just another way to express emotions and feelings for a person. When engaging in it you do not really have the time to think about the health benefits it offers. However, having sex is great exercise and an excellent nutrient for the skin. It relaxes the body and it is a natural way to participate in physical activity.

With that said how does sex improve and control certain skin problems?
According to sexologist Dr. Gloria G. Bramer sex and the subsequent orgasm is one of the best ways to getting great and glowing skin. Many of them believe that having sex should be part of a daily routine much like brushing your teeth or washing your body.

Here are a couple of reasons on why sex is good for your skin.

Helps skin to glow: Yes, It is true. Ever wondered why people notice you have had a great night. Well, the reason why you have this glow is that sex increases blood circulation flow and ups the oxygen levels in your system making your skin look brighter says Bramer. Want lips like Angelina? Have more sex; research shows that sex can actually make your lips appear fuller.

Controls acne: It is the same for people who exercise, sex helps control hormonal imbalance in the body that causes acne. When your hormones are balanced, it helps keep acne at bay, and in return gives you healthier hair as well.

Releases endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are produced by the brain that are designed to reduce pain and give you a natural sense of well being and happiness. Sex increases the levels of endorphins when released they give the skin a glow. In fact, some research shows that sex can also boost the skin’s natural collagen production. This helps reduces age spots and sagging skin.

Free facial: Why not go another round! You tend to sweat during the session and this opens up your pores clearing all the stubborn dirt, grime and traces of make up. Moreover, there goes your free facial. It also reduces wrinkles by boosting collagen levels in the skin.

Prevents dry skin: Sex plays a huge role when you want some relief from dry skin. Still, that does not mean you should neglect your dose of eight glasses of water a day. When menopause hits your skin becomes drier than usually according Dr. Bramer and the sex drive decreases because of the side effects of menopause. By having sex you can get the blood and oxygen going, which will help relieve dry skin no matter what your age is. So when you are too tired for sex think about your skin.

Dr. Yvonne Fulbright, author of The Better Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking says that sex makes you look and feel younger. A study was done a few years back to prove it. Over a period of 10 years 3,500 men and women, where compared to those who had sex regularly and those who did not where placed on opposite sides and had to guess their ages. The ages of the participants that had more sex were underestimated. In addition, having sex makes you look younger overall.

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