Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hmm! Chocolate Weight Loss Boosts Metabolism

Resisting chocolate has always been difficult to me. The rich, creamy and decadent texture is just so satisfying and soothing. As you know, chocolate does have positive side effects when it comes to your health. However, who would ever think that it could aid you in a better workout? Well, I had no idea.

Consuming too much and eating the wrong chocolate can cause weight gain and other unwanted health issues. Dark chocolate is the one that has more nutritional value. It contains less sugar than milk chocolate and it has a low glycemic index so your blood sugar will not up and that is exactly what you want.

Boost workouts

In a recent study from the University of California San Diego, mice were given epicatechin, which is found in chocolate, ran 50 percent farther on a treadmill than those who did not receive their candy fix. Chocolate also, boost a chemical called ATP, says Michael Lapointe an associate professor of biology at Indiana University northwest, he compares ATP with gasoline in sparkling energy.

Studies have shown that epicatechin, which is in chocolate may improve workouts because it increases mitochondria inside muscles and enzymes that make ATP as well as the number of capillaries delivering oxygen to cells. The test is still not very clear. Chocoholics, remember to eat in moderation. In addition, consuming it releases endorphins in the pleasure spot of the brain. Endorphins makes us feel good, but also increase tolerance to pain. Lose weight with chocolate; I think that is the easiest thing to do when it comes to weight loss is eating sweets without that the guilt.

Dark chocolate is better

Enjoy the sweet tooth, with that said meaning with the right choices and nutrition. You can satisfy it as long as you watch quantity. Dark chocolate is a better alternative than others are because this sweet snack is slightly processed, so it holds more of its natural compounds. In addition, this candy contains caffeine, which is a stimulant and studies have shown it increases athletic performance. Other benefits of Dark chocolate are that it has iron ad when you mix it with nuts, you have a great protein snack.

Vikki Armstrong, President and owner of Beyond Fitness Personal Training and wellness coaching in Southwest Michigan says, "dark chocolate has about 5 milligrams of sugar. Energy bars contain 25 milligrams of sugar and have more chemicals." Consuming it has more health benefits especially when combined with fruit such as strawberries and nuts. It is good to know that chocolate is a healthy candy.

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