Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Look Younger Best Way To Prevent Wrinkles

The Best Way To Prevent Wrinkles? Look After Yourself!
By William Colbert

If you really want to know what is the best way to prevent wrinkles, the answer is in the title above, which is to look after yourself! That means basically three things. The first is to readjust your lifestyle and eating habits, the second is to avoid too much sun and the third is to select the most natural and effective skincare treatment on the market to-day.

Let us take lifestyle and eating habits first. Do you know what the acronym ORAC stands for? It is oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This was mentioned in a book recently published by two Italian dermatologists, Pucci Romano and Gabriella Fabbrocini and reflects the latest research done on this topic.

Basically all fruit and vegetables can reduce the activity of free radicals which can delay skin cell renewal because of oxidative stress and this is calculated on the ORAC index. But all fruits and vegetables are not equal. Their ORAC capacity varies enormously. Let me give you some examples.

� Artichokes = 9,828

� Grape juice (glass) = 5216

� Pear = 3,000

� Aubergine = 2,796

� Red Pepper = 2,463.

As we can see artichokes top the list and are three times more potent as free radical destroyers than the humble pear! The message is clear. If we ramp up on the top ones on this list, it is probably the the best way to prevent wrinkles.
The second way is to avoid too much sun exposure as that can lead to all sorts of skin problems such as:-

� Decrease in the suppleness of skin

� Reduction of collagen and elastin

� Age spots and uneven pigmentation leading to some discoloration

� Skin cancer

The best way to prevent wrinkles is to use adequate sun protection in the form of wider sunglasses and proper head gear and also adequate SPF factor, making sure that we avoid the benzophenones and PABA esters. The latter chemicals are highly suspicious in that they can cause skin lesions and actually may increase free radical activity!

The third best way to prevent wrinkles is to choose a topical cream which is free of synthetic chemicals and which contains ingredients which work with your skin, rather than against it. These ingredients need to be highly compatible with our skin and they are usually organic and used in active quantities.

These then are the features of any cream which deserves the accolade of the top wrinkle cream. Why not discover more about the research and care which has gone into the products mentioned in my website below.
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  1. Indeed, keeping your skin wrinkle-free starts with you. A balanced lifestyle would let you have healthier, younger-looking skin. Avoiding vices such as smoking and drinking will help lessen skin dryness. This might sound cliche, but 8 hours of sleep can give your skin a good rest.

    Jami Eisenmenger

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