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The Sides Effects Alcohol Has On Your Skin

Alcohol And Aging Skin - What Effects Does Alcohol Have On Your Skin? The Truth You Need To Know
By Caroline Igwe

The majority of us know that too much alcohol is not good for our health, but not many people know how damaging it is to our skin especially as we get older. The truth is that alcohol and aging skin do not have a healthy relationship because it really accelerates the rate at which the skin ages.

Aside from causing health problems like liver damage and hindering the body's absorption of calcium, which could lead to osteoporosis, excess consumption of alcohol also causes pre-mature aging. People who drink a lot have the tendency to age twice faster than those who don't.

Alcohol is bad for the skin because it damages the cells, dries out the skin and makes it look flaky and dull. The majority of those who drink also smoke, thereby making the situation even worse. Smoking also has drying effect on the skin; it also deposits free radicals inside your body.

As we know free radicals are very harmful; they cause oxidation, which leads to aging of the cells. Drinking moderately could be allowed, but you should quit smoking completely. It has a lot of negative side effects without any tangible benefit.

Alcohol and aging skin do not go together because as you get older, the skin becomes more vulnerable to damage and the visible signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging. Aging reduces the amount of collagen and elastic produced by your body; the amount of hyaluronic acid also decreases and the skin gets drier and thinner. Hence, binge drinking at this stage in your life will only lead to more sagging and wrinkling.

So, instead of consuming alcohol, you should drink plenty of water; water hydrates the skin and keeps the pores unplugged. Hence, it gets toxins out of the body, thereby making the skin look healthy, vibrant and beautiful.

Another group of alcohols that have negative effects on aging skin are the ones found in skincare products; a lot of creams and lotions are filled with harsh alcohols like benzyl, ethyl, isopropyl, methyl and SD alcohols. Using skin creams that contain any of these alcohols will have the same ugly effect on your skin as the one you drink through your mouth.

In order to prevent the damaging effects of alcohol on aging skin, you should avoid skincare products that contain any of the above-mentioned alcohols. It is also wise to avoid anti-aging skincare products that contain other chemicals, especially parabens, sulfates and mineral oil because they all make the visible signs of aging worse.

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Caroline Igwe is an avid researcher on skincare and she enjoys sharing information about her research findings.

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