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Stronger Body Stronger Hair Nutrition



Healthy Body, Healthy Hair

Author: Yulia Berry

A healthy, vibrant head of hair is dependent upon a well balanced diet that is rich in nutrients and essential vitamins, mineral and proteins. If you think about it, nothing on your body produces more cells and grows faster than your hair. In order to grow, your hair needs a adequate supply of essential building block proteins, vitamins, and minerals. If your body is suffering from vitamin deficiency, it can lead to hair loss. Despite of the importance modern society has placed on a full head of healthy lustrous hair, our bodies deem it as something that is comes second place to things like vital organs and essential appendages.

Our hair needs a surplus amount of vitamins and nutrients in order to grow, but if we only give our bodies a limited amount of these essential building blocks, hair is one of the first things to go.

Eating a well balanced diet that contains adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins is one of the best ways to ensure that your hair is getting enough of what it needs to stay lustrous vibrant, and worthy of a Vidal Sasoon commercial. Vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss and cause an early start to hereditary pattern baldness. If you are unable to maintain a healthy diet and succumb to the modern American diet that high fat, sodium, and processed sugars,, there are supplement available that will ensure that your hair looks great and even maybe, provide the rest of your body organ with a bit of nourishment.

You Hair essentials

Protein is essential thing number one. Like your finger nails, your hair is made from the protein keratin. In order to keep the hair factory going, a constant supply of raw materials in the form of protein is needed. This hair factory, however, does have a limit on its production output, and will only take in the protein that it needs, no more no less. Thus, taking in copious amounts of protein will not make force your hair to grow. This protein will end up going to other body parts that need it.

Vitamins are the essential building blocks to all of life. The Vitamins A, B, and C are all important to healthy hair, especially those found in the B family. Vitamin A is important in preventing hair follicle blockage, yet too much can also lead to hair loss. Everything found in the B-complex Vitamin group is extremely important to a healthy head of hair. A lack in vitamin B can result in dandruff and riboflavin (B-2) deficiency has been linked to enlarged sebaceous glands, which can lead to follicle damage.

Vitamin C is important in circulation and your scalps blood supple will suffer if you do not get enough of it.
Both your body and hair need trace amounts of essential minerals in order to stay healthy. If you do not get enough iron, your blood will not be able to carry enough oxygen throughout the body resulting in Anemia. People suffering from anemia suffer from slow hair growth. If you lack adequate amounts of sulfur, you will have weak hair strands. Copper is important in keratin formation as well as hair color. Zinc, calcium, chromium, molybdenum, nickel and selenium are are extremely important minerals in the keratin synthesis process.

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