Monday, April 9, 2012

The Alarming Cigarettes Commericals

Smoking doesn't run in my family, but my mom and brothers smoke. I knew that smoking cigarettes would harm your health and I didn't understand why my siblings and mother smoked. Now what they called them is "cancer sticks." After a while cigarettes causes cancer and affect your respiratory system. I already was clear on the consequences of them, however I never knew it went beyond what I had known.

I was sitting home and an commerical came on about this woman who had lost the tips of her fingers on one hand and a man who had his legs amputated below his knees. I was in shock when I found out that the reason for these unfortunate diabilities was because of the side effects of smoking. It blew me away of course because I did not know that you would be at risk of losing your body parts because of it.

There was another commerical I seen that was just jaw dropping. This commerical was about a lady who was standing in the mirror and she had no hair. She looked sick and warned out. As she was in mirror she put on a wig and when you look at her, you could see that she had an hole in her throat. In order for her to talk she had to put some type of capitor in her throat. My guess, is that she was sick from throat cancer.

Looking at these commericals can be a bit harsh for some, but it clearly states the reality of smoking. It scared me. I couldn't beleived, it affected me a lot and I know it had to touch all of the tabacco smokers out there in the world. If these main points about the side effects of smoking don't make you want to quit, then I don't know what will. It is very scary.

Tabbacco kills! I cannot stand it and after seeing the cigarette advertisments I despise it even more. I think that these commericals are very important reality check.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scar Reducer Gain Back Your Beautiful Skin


Review of Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy

People have scars. But it's the physical kind that they try to hide with make up and clothing.
To address this, there are scar reduction options, ranging from derma-brasion and laser surgery to steroids and filler injections that can flatten scars and make them less prominent.

Recently, the Skinception line of skin-care products has ventured into the market with a new product that capitalizes on their obviously considerable knowledge of natural active ingredients and patented peptides. Case in point, their anti-wrinkle cream, eye cream, anti-stretch mark cream and rosacea treatment.
Now Skinception offers Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy to reduce or prevent scars and, as they claim, "fade scars like magic". But does it deliver?

The Ingredients

Dermefface employs natural active ingredients and moisturizers with patented peptides like their well-known Pro-Coll-One+. In that sense, you can consider Dermefface FX7 as a hybrid of natural skin care and modern skin technology.

Of the more prominent natural ingredients, in Dermefface FX7 you'll encounter beta-glucan, bilberry and various fruit extracts. There's also hydrolyzed soybean fiber and very notably, a biologically active form of vitamin B3 and darling of the natural skin brightening industry, niacinamide.

The beta glucan is an obvious choice because of its long history as an anti-irritant. But it's also an effective moisturizer and proven to stimulate natural production of collagen. Beta glucan also promotes health of macrophages – the cells that destroy bacteria and remove dead or damaged skin cells.

Getting back to that Pro-Coll-One+, we shouldn't forget that it's clinically proven to stimulate collagen by up to 1,190%. Combine that with the Symglucan, Pentavitin and several other active ingredients and Dermefface FX7 has the goods to stimulate healthy human collagen fibroblasts, slough off dead skin cells and encourage normal, healthier skin cells to take their place.


A good set of ingredients is one thing, but it's all for naught if they don't work together and do what the manufacturer says it will do. Fortunately, Dermefface FX7 comes with the Skinception name attached to its label, and as with most things Skinception, Dermefface delivers, in that it fades scars, according to the clients we've spoken with. And yes, it appears to work in as little as four weeks.

Dermefface FX7 markets itself as a treatment for both developing scars and those existing. Many clients using Dermefface use it for both of these reasons, and they've seen their scarring fade, though it tends to work better for a scar that's still forming. It appears to work for existing scars as well, however, with visible reduction where people want it most. The clients who've talked with us say they're happy with the product - a non-greasy cream with a luxurious feel when applied to the skin.


The Skinception name offers plenty of value. As a general rule of thumb, the greatest savings with any Skinception product tend to be had with orders of three months or higher, often with gifts or extra product added as incentive to go long-term.

We think that's wise, because skin problems like stretch marks and scarring aren't fixed overnight. Skinception products show noticeable results in a reasonable amount of time, but the most dramatic improvements can take up to six months.

Skinception offers a one month supply of Dermefface at $59.95. Not exactly a bargain, but when you consider the luxurious formulation of Skinception products, which most clients rave about, seems a reasonable purchase. This includes both a loofah and a microderm exfoliator.

As with most Skinception products, the best value is for a longer term commitment. The Gold Package is a three month supply of Dermefface, the two exfoliators and a $25 gift card to Natural Health Source. The cost? $129.95

For the most value with Dermefface, go for the Platinum Package, which is a six month supply, two microderm exfoliators and the loofah, the Natural Health Source gift card and a savings of $160 off a one month supply. The cost of the Platimum Package, at $199.95, is a very respectable value, and we think, should be viewed as an investment to visibly fade scarring with a proven product.